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Our secrets for an effective Direct Mail campaign

Here at Print + Design IT, we have produced a lot of direct mail campaigns over the years, and people often ask us what our top tips are. Well they are actually quite simple.

Good Design - This should be relevant, easily understood and On brand. Good imagery always helps and most importantly a call to action.

Good Data – If your company has a thorough data collection strategy, you can use that data to segment your audience and target specific people with specific messaging or even take advantage of personalisation (which we will discuss below). A targeted campaign will usually increase the effectiveness of the campaign.

Good Timing – If your business is linked to certain weather conditions, seasons etc it can be beneficial to prepare some campaigns in advance and be ready to press the button when certain conditions appear. For example, if you sell garden furniture, you may want to prepare a campaign in late winter, and be ready to give it the green light when the first warm weekend of spring is forecast.

Good Quality - Well printed on a good quality stock, whether its a postcard or an envelope mailer.

The importance of Personalisation in Direct Mail campaigns

Personal data requires the person to have agreed to receive marketing info or you have a legitimate interest. So for instance if someone has a 3 year lease deal with you then it's legitimate to contact them after 30 months to offer them a new deal. Also if you have already sold them something you can contact them. Unpersonalised mailers are less effective but don’t break any GDPR rules.

Personalisation can be anything from simply using the customer’s first name to address them, to referencing specific products that you know they have shown an interest in, and making further, bespoke recommendations or unique offers based on your knowledge of them. The benefits of using personalisation in direct mail campaigns are as follows:

  • Build trust

  • More targeted messaging (more relevant to the customer)

  • Increase responses - Adding a first name alone increases response rates by 135%!*

  • Maximise revenue

If you are considering a direct mail campaign to boost your business, give us a call or send us an email and we will use all our expertise to help make it a success.


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