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New Year Bounce-back Strategies - Brand Review

There's no better time to carry out a brand review than the start of the New Year alongside your companies marketing goals for the year ahead. Whether you aim to target a different audience, or just need a refresh to gain new clients, a re-brand can assist in achieving your marketing goals.

Here are a few common reasons why a company will undertake a brand review:

1) Overtime the brand becomes something different based on the brand experience. A company needs to ensure their target audience shares the same brand perception as the company and it's ambassadors.

2) Your target market is not well defined, or it's time to reach a new audience. A company needs to know their audience well enough to recognise a shift in the market and adapt their branding accordingly.

3) Your product or service has changed. A company may have released a new product or service that meets the needs of it's target audience. Their brand strategy needs to define and protect the new product from competitors and entice customers.

Example: Joe Smith Entertainments Re-brand

We helped Joe Smith Entertainments with their rebrand as their branding didn't reflect his intended target audience. They wanted to target high-end events such as Weddings, as opposed to a pub DJ. We carried out a brand review and created a new brand which attracted the intended target audience.

If you would like a brand-review consultation then get in contact today!


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