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Case Study: The Tantum Trust Rebrand

The Tantum Trust, previously known as Bordon, Liphook, Haslemere Charity, have given back over £1.25 million to the local community in the form of grants to families, individuals and community groups.

The Bordon, Liphook and Haslemere Charity approached Print and Design IT in need of a rebrand due to the the charity having a low profile among potential donors, potential customers, those needing assistance and potential volunteers. They felt that the name Bordon, Liphook and Haslemere Charity had no impact and didn't carry a corporate identity. The decision was made to re-name the charity to 'The Tantum Trust', providing homage to the founder, Carl Tantum.

The Brief

To coincide with the new name, the charity needed a new look to be used on their website, stationery, point-of-sale materials etc. They requested creative but practical ideas to rebrand the charity.

Our Approach

We approached the design with the mind of creating a brand that worked to represent the values of the Tantum Trust whilst also being friendly and approachable to the public using the shops.

The Final Result

The graphic and colour-way align to create the brand personality with the message of "help" at the fore, and the strap-line ties the work to the local community, of which the shops are a big part.

"When the trustees of the Bordon, Liphook and Haslemere Charity decided it needed a new name, a new look and a new image, it approached Print & Design IT for help and we were not disappointed.
We found the company to be approachable and responsive at every step. What impressed the trustees was their creativity offering alternative designs and mock ups as well as not being afraid to give objective feedback on our own ideas.
The result was our that charity was renamed and rebranded as The Tantum Trust with new logo, new stationery, new shopfronts and new website resulting in very positive feedback from our customers, staff and volunteers.
Print & Design IT offered a ‘one-stop shop’ and helped us with all those aspects of the rebranding, which, for a small charity with limited management resources, was invaluable.
Two years on we remain pleased with the results of Print & Designs IT’s work for us and would recommend them to any company or charity looking for a similar service".
Jeremy Bonnett
Chairman of Trustees, The Tantum Trust


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