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Case Study: Kubo Kitchen Rebrand

Rebranding can significantly benefit your company by revitalising its image and aligning it more closely with evolving market trends and customer expectations. It can also help differentiate your business from competitors, attract new customers, and loyalty among existing clients.

Kubo Kitchens are a luxury kitchen designer who are known for having a completely unique approach to designing your dream kitchen.

The Brief

Kubo Kitchens approached us with the aim of rebranding their existing brand to appeal to a more wealthy target audience and to differentiate themselves from high street names such as Magnet or Wren Kitchens. They wanted to be able to use their logo on their social media platforms, website, clothing and printed items.

Our Approach

We aimed to elevate Kubo Kitchens branding to reflect the quality of products and personalised service they offer across a range of different styles of kitchens and living spaces. The inclusion of a ‘tagline’ emphasises Kubo Kitchens ethos of creating completely bespoke living spaces.

The Final Result

The branding, logo, and collateral were greatly received by Kubo Kitchens and will feature on their website, social media platforms, clothing and van.

"I wanted to rebrand, I was considering trying to come up with something myself on Canva, this would have been a big mistake! Naively I hadn’t realised what was involved. Print and Design IT have done an impeccable holistic job for me, I can't fault them. The service I received was amazing, swift and attentive. We had a brainstorming meeting which I found very helpful. I liked the way they presented what they’d done, rather than just emailing it. Thank you Lee, Katie and the team at Print and Design IT." - Russell Parratt, Managing Director


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