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Case Study: Event Collateral - Yamaha Motor UK Dealer Meeting 2022

Here at Print + Design IT, we have the capacity to design and produce a broad range of event collateral and manage the whole process from start to finish. So whether you are hosting a small Birthday Party and require Invitations, or a Company hosting an annual event, we can ensure your printed items are produced to a high standard and to a tight deadline. For example, Yamaha Motor UK hold an annual Dealer Meeting where all the UK Dealers meet to overview any new features or models of the bikes and scooters.

The Brief

  • Design and produce items as per specifications including Table Cards, Roller Banners, Passes and Menus.

  • Have all printed items produced and delivered by a tight deadline.

  • Manage and oversee the design and print timeline.

Our Approach

Using the latest product images from Yamaha UK, we created exciting banners showcasing the latest models with action images of the bikes, which would serve as a backdrop at the conference. Using the Yamaha corporate look and the details of each attendee, we created personalised lanyard passes for each person attending, which, as well as their name, also had their own custom timetable of events printed on the reverse. Finally, we created table cards and menus for the dinner that closed the event, using the look and feel set with the rest of the event collateral.

The Final Result

We designed and produced all of the items to the specifications of the brief and to the tight deadline. The client was very happy with all of the finished items.

Get in contact today to see how we can help you with your Event Collateral!


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