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Case Study: Mandrake, Petworth Branding & Collateral

Mandrake is a new retail venture based in Petworth which sells a curated selection of contemporary & antiquarian art, books & furniture. The owner approached Print + Design IT to create the branding and collateral for their new shopfront and social media platforms.

The Brief

• Antiques, rare books, contemporary art and prints

• Target audience: Antique dealers, collectors

• Inspiration for the design: Local natural world, nobility/aristocrats

• Usage: Building signage, website, social media, marketing collateral

• Deliverable: Initial concepts, final logo, colour pallet, font family

After discussions about the story behind the name 'Mandrake' and the vibe of the items being sold, we created a range of branding options and presented these on a number of different medias such as a shopping bag, a shop sign and a social media logo.

The Final Result

The finished branding achieves the goal of a modern but authentic shop which appeals to the target audience in the location of Petworth. The logo is distinguishable yet classic and sits well on different types of media.

"I wanted to create a brand logo that was both artistic in feel as well resonating with the natural world as our Petworth shop is surrounded by the South Downs. Mandrake is not only the name of a plant whose roots are said to possess mysterious healing qualities but is also the name of a character from a much loved book by me and my family called Duncton Wood. The town of Duncton is also on our doorstep. It was important for the logo to tell the story of the mix of both contemporary and classic art and antiques Mandrake has on offer. The design team brought this all together with our handsome yet contemporary large M design surrounded by a botanical inspired shape on a background reminiscent of Roy Fox Liechtenstein.
I felt very understood as the client and that the brief I had suggested was well within the ability of scope and knowledge of the references I was looking toward for inspiration. It was a pleasure from start to finish."
Brijitte Dreyfus,
Owner and Director,
Mandrake, Petworth.


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