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Case Study: Hotel Collateral

Over the past 35 years we have dealt with a wide range of customers from different industries. With this comes different requirements. Our knowledgable team are able to adapt to these different requirements and produce collateral that is unique to the industry.

A lot of our products, such as business cards, are required within different industries. But the hotel industry does require some unique products. Items such as door hangers with your customers breakfast order on it is such an efficient way to limit time spent taking orders in the morning. Additionally, it reinforces your brand image.

A key card wallet is something which some hotels don't tend to pay much attention to. But actually, a branded and sophisticated wallet that holds your customers door keys is a great way to communicate the hotels vibe and standards. Such product could be adapted into other industries due to its versatility.

Most hotels double up as event space where they host events such as wedding fayres, exhibitions etc. and will require printed goods to promote the event/the hotel at the event. Products such as flyers, posters and banners are a great marketing tactic for populated events as a lot of people will be seeing it.

Even a hotels menu needs to be on brand and able to portray the hotels standard. With a bespoke design and hand picked stock, a menu can set an impression of the hotel so therefore needs to be impressive.

Get in contact today to discuss how our product range can elevate your hotel.


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