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Case Study: Bohunt School House Logos

Our in-house designers have years of experience and a certain flare and passion for the art. Creative design is something which we enjoy and are knowledgeable on here at Print + Design IT.

The Brief

Bohunt School required 6 different house logos to represent each tutor house in the school.

The Final Result

After gaining knowledge around the meaning of the names of the houses which the students chose, our designers created consistent yet unique logos. With a shield being consistent throughout, each design represented someone meaningful e.g. Marie Curie, Rosa Parks and Stephen Hawking.

Once the designs of the logos were approved, Bohunt School requested various items such as tension banners and door signs to display around the school. These logos are used on various medias to keep a consistent and effective brand image at events such as open evenings.

"The logos have encapsulated in an innovative and striking way, who our Houses have been named after. They are easily recognised and have been greatly received by students and staff as they see them around the school site; on congratulations postcards sent home and on our website for example. They are a focal point for each of our smaller House communities within the larger student community here at Bohunt"


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