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Case Study: Barton Garden Services - Logo and Website

A companies website is such an important marketing tool as it allows you to reach more people, build your brand presence, improve credibility and interact with your customers whenever they need you. Barton Garden Services approached us to help build their site on an alternative platform in order to benefit from having an effective online presence.

The Brief

Barton Garden Services approached us to help move their website onto a platform which allowed them to make regular updates to the site to showcase recent project photos. The brief stated for us to use the current content and design as a base, with the inclusion of new photos for a ‘before and after’ page, as well as updated text to reflect current services. We were also asked to update the typography of the logo, which would be used on the site, to make it more legible.

Our Approach

We designed some options for the typography of the logo to allow our client to see how different fonts worked with the logo imagery. After initial discussions about the options, the final logo was chosen and implemented site wide and additionally as embroidered jumpers for staff.

The website design saw a modern twist on the original site with new functions being added such as a contact form and links to social media platforms. The new imagery really elevated the site and made it more unique to Barton Garden Services as they showcase the brilliant services they offer.

The Final Result

The logo and website work cohesively and portray the essence of what Barton Garden Services have to offer. The slick imagery and new functions make the site easier to navigate.

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