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The Real Flower Company

Sometimes our customers need quick solutions for their print and design needs. Fortunately, here at Print + Design IT we are very experienced in solving customer needs. Our knowledgeable team ensure that we meet customer deadlines and preferences.

The Brief

The Real Flower Company needed an urgent print job for a brochure detailing their sustainability efforts. This was the first time that The Real Flower Company had used our services and, therefore, were concerned from the get-go about the tight timeline for receiving the final product.

Although the deadline time we were given was tight, we were able to exceed their expectations, and delivered their brochure to them before their given deadline.

The Final Result

The Real Flower Company were blown away by the efficient and professional service provided by Print + Design IT, to the extent that they presented the team with a stunning arrangement of flowers. Going the extra mile for our clients and solving their print or design needs is what makes us stand out within the industry, and being appreciated in such a way by a client makes it all worthwhile.


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