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New Year Bounce-back Strategies - Flyers

The festive period is fast approaching along with ambitions to expand your companies marketing achievements for the new year. A great time to start reaching out to potential customers, the new year gives companies that extra push to raise their marketing game. The first quarter can be dreary and less profitable due to your customers spending their money during the festive period. But if you market your company with a consistent brand and effective collateral, your company could experience financial gains at the start of the new year.


Flyers are an affordable and effective marketing tactic and are a tool for raising awareness and reinforcing your brand name. If done right, your company could be opening doors for new clients as well as spreading awareness of your company.

The Reliable Gardening & Handyman Co. approached us for some flyers which aimed to bring in more maintenance customers. The flyers will be distributed to houses in the vicinity of their current client's properties to help build work in those areas. The Reliable Gardening & Handyman Co plan to distribute their flyers in the winter months when the workload generally decreases.

"We expect to have a good response due to the quality of the flyer compared to those we have seen distributed by other gardening companies in the area."

The timing of the distribution of the flyers is key, and choosing to distribute in the Winter months is a smart plan as many of their target audience would require maintenance due to the change in weather. With an effective design and message, a simple flyer can raise a huge amount of awareness of a company.

"We love working with Print+Design IT, they are an innovative and forward thinking company with heaps of enthusiasm, knowledge and creative flair. The design and products they produce are always top-notch and reasonably priced. We have recommended them on several occasions and will continue to do so in the future."


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