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Case Study: Vision Groundworks Rebrand

Vision Groundworks approached Print + Design It to help them rebrand their long-established business. This update would help push the company forward with the goal of winning new contracts, particularly in the field of aggregate yards and concrete plants.

The Brief

Create a brand to make them look bigger than they were at the time and help them win more contracts.

Create branding suitable for use on business stationery, brochures, web site, clothing and gifts such as mugs and pens.

The Rebrand Process

We reviewed the sector and decided on a clean simple design that was well proportioned and would work on all the applications mentioned in the brief. The final design also included some graphical elements that could be used on brochures and websites to enhance brand awareness.

Following the implementation of the brand, we also produced a web site, business stationery, 100 brochures and some branded mugs to be given out to potential clients.

Vision Groundworks logo – Before

Vision Groundworks logo – Rebranded

The Final Result

The client informed us that they had won a number of contracts since the new branding was introduced and believed it was because of the new branding.

“Lee and his team instantly understood what was required for our business and the final result has helped Vision Groundworks to expand. Working with Print and Design IT was easy and as they also produced all the items we required meant a consistent result with little admin input from us.”


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