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Case Study: Lindsey Clark Brothers

Websites are the first port of call when potential customers search for products related to a company. Therefore, setting a lasting first impression is of utmost importance as it determines a potential customers' opinion and return rate to a company’s website. This can be achieved through a strong, rounded design, which also aids the company’s search engine optimisation strategy.

The Brief

Lindsey Clark Brothers Ltd approached us with a basic website that mainly aimed at trade customers, which they wanted to adapt to be appealing to retail customers. After an initial meeting and understanding of the company, we created a website visual of what we thought the website should look like.

"A big part of the reason we chose to go with Print + Design It is because we were blown away by the original design they produced after our initial discussions around rebuilding our website. The design was fantastic and has really taken our website to the next level. When we were first shown the design it was presented to us immaculately, and alongside a clear plan of how and why they thought it should be designed in a certain way. It was clear that a lot of thought, care and pride had gone into their plans, and we feel this is reflected in the finished article!”

The Final Result

Once Lindsey Clark Brothers approved the visual, we proceeded with the full design of the website, which in turn was built as a fully working and interactive website. In addition to designing the website, Lindsey Clark Brothers also asked for assistance with their social media platforms and content. Our knowledgeable team can provide such services to enhance and attract potential customers to a company's website.

"From the outset, the team at Print + Design IT were really helpful and thorough in their support of what we were trying to achieve. Throughout the process, they were very proactive with their communication which was really refreshing."


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